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Welcome! I am here to help you with all your design needs. Sherry

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Upcoming Guest Spots

Vector and AI Art 

June 1-7, 2023

Fine Art Photography

July 1-7, 2023

Poster Art

August 1-7, 2023

About Me

My name is Sherry Green. I live on the abundantly beautiful Vancouver Island in BC, Canada. I was raised in the Canadian military and so i have travelled most of my life. This lends to a creative world view with ample inspiration.

I have always loved animals of all kinds. I have always had pets and love to surround myself with their energy. I enjoy and recharge in the serenity and calamity of nature. The type that seeks out all the extremes in comfort.


There is always something new to see do or create and share. the world changes abundantly with the change of perspective. There's always another way to see, view or do.

I have studied Graphic Design and I am completing my Batchler of the Arts. I am available for commissions and consultations.



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